FLAT34 is located in Ewen Henderson Court (halls of residence, University of London). It provides space for six residents for a period of one year, but is welcoming to any visitors throughout. The current residents are active in various fields, from computational arts and new media to cultural studies and politics, innovation design to world cinema, and hail from New Mexico, Japan/Rwanda, South Africa, the Netherlands, Russia/Greece and South Korea.



FLAT34 originated in the kitchen of Flat 34 and out of the cross disciplinary and transcultural encounters that take place within that setting. Every month these residents will organize an ‘Opening House’ where they invite visitors to the flat to display their work. The work exhibited varies from art to academic research and beyond. The forms the ‘Opening House’ could take, spand from gallery space to debate forums and social engagements to lecture performances, talks and film screenings. At every ‘Opening House’ a traditional dish from one of the home countries of the residents will be served plus traditional drinks. Everyone is invited, so please feel very welcome to come by.

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